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What are the Benefits of

Acoustic Restoration Therapy?

Acoustic Restoration Therapy (ART™) is a technology that uses sound waves to promote mental and physical wellbeing by relaxing the body and removing energetic blocks. Its benefits include reduced stress levels, enhanced intuition, and release of trauma. It supports a wide range of health conditions and synchronizes brain hemispheres, calms the nervous system, and stimulates our innate self-healing process. 


• DNA RESONANCE SIGNALLING is a technique that stimulates homeostatic mechanisms within us, protecting healthy cells from our environment and the side effects caused by medication or conventional cancer treatments.

• This program is unique because it uses sound waves to create resonance within the trillions of cells within us, using our body and mind to act as a tuning fork.

• Through this process of tuning into the infinite source, we can access memories that are stored in our cells and activate them so they resonate at their optimal frequency.

What makes it so unique it allow one’s true self -the part often covered up by memories from childhood trauma–to become a vital part of the healing journey allowing issues to emerge and resolve without psychic wounds opening again.

The harmonics used in our patented pending Cymatic Resonance device (as seen in this video) were developed according to the resonant frequencies that match not only the natural harmonic laws of our biological life and planets but also the vibrational patterns deriving from the inside of our cells. This enables our body to achieve homeostasis faster than any other device out there.


A key step in that process is resonance

Tuning fork and bed.jpg

ART™ creates order out of that frequency chaos by signaling your brain to influence your cells to synchronize. You experience a deep state of relaxation that we call "PURE RELAXATION". 

Every organ, tissue, and cell in our body has a ‘blueprint’ frequency. When we’re functioning well, the frequencies of all our body parts vibrate in sync. When we're out of kilter though, its's chaotic and it's that chaos that negatively affects our mental and physical health.  


Why this technique is so unique

  • It uses the body’s own vibrational signature (blueprint) to stimulate the human energy fields to clear blocks and restore functions

  • Stimulates our body's self-healing and repair mechanism which helps protect healthy cells and helps minimize side effects from traditional cancer treatments.

  • It enables us to access higher states of consciousness that are only usually available to advanced meditators or when taking psychedelics.

  • Creates homeostasis by connecting the energies of the outer levels of the field with the physical body on a cellular level.

  • Enhances your intuition.

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