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Purple Bubbles

By leveraging the principles of resonance technology, our breakthrough bio-entrainment technique (DNA Resonance Signaling) can help bridge the gap between matter and energy, achieving balance within the body's cells.


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The Health In Balance Approach

We embrace the interconnected nature of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing by offering a multi-faceted healing model. Our uniquely designed programs seek to harmonize energetic layers in order to stimulate natural rejuvenation processes within our clients' bodies. Clinical evidence has revealed that this integrative approach can coexist with conventional Newtonian therapies without compromising safety or efficacy - making it an ideal solution for overall health promotion.


ThIs graphic  illustrates the contrasting approaches of Newtonian theory and the Subtle Energy System in explaining the behavior of matter and energy, with the former focusing on a single frequency while the latter accounts for multiple energetic layers and waveforms.


All of the body's systems need to be in sync for optimal well-being, and our energetic systems must maintain coherence.

Our body's six primary governing systems are intricately interconnected and rely on one another for optimal functioning. Nothing operates in complete isolation. This holistic approach not only promotes resonance within our cells but also establishes entirely new energetic pathways. As a result, it effectively releases blocked energy patterns in our body with ease and without the usual side effects often associated with addressing our consciousness.


Our six main systems are:

  • Structural

  • Biochemical

  • Emotional

  • Electromagnetic.

  • Energetic Bodies

  • Quantum Fields/ Subatomic Energies


Health is a complex network of harmoniously functioning systems. All of the body's systems need to be in sync for optimal well-being, and our energetic systems must maintain coherence. When even a single system is compromised, it can trigger a chain reaction that affects our entire well-being, potentially leading to deterioration and the onset of disease.


The human body is a remarkable machine, capable of performing incredible feats without us even realising it. For example, if we cut our skin, our body responds by bleeding, forming a scab, and healing the wound. Meanwhile, in just one second, our body produces 2.5 million red blood cells and 250,000 white blood cells, and our liver performs over 650 functions simultaneously.

Despite its complexity, the human body is made up of around 50-75 trillion cells and 650 muscles, with the nervous system serving as the master control system. Each neuron can process up to 833 impulses per second, and we have a staggering 100 billion neurons in our bodies.

Our bodies can adapt to the environment and heal themselves at cellular and energetic levels. As such, it's important to treat our bodies with the respect and care they deserve, recognising the incredible complexity and beauty that lies within them.


Have you ever wondered about the power of your subconscious mind? Thomas Staudacher's Energetic 6-System Approach is a revolutionary way to access it with the vibration from within.

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